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Focus on Fives Textbook Kit

Focus on Fives starts children on a path for developing learning the skills they will need for first grade. Students receive basic age-appropriate introductions to science, social studies, handwriting, phonics, and reading. Fun and exciting learning activities help young students build a foundation in phonemic awareness, reading strategies, listening, and speaking. Worldview shaping begins early with the four key themes addressed throughout the course: God is great, and God is good; God created me and all things; the Bible is God’s Word, and it is true; and I learn in order to serve God and others.

Kit includes:

505016 - Focus on Fives K5 Teacher's Edition (4th ed)
504985 - Focus on Fives K5 Worktext (4th ed)
504977 - Reading Books for K5 (34 books; 4th ed)
505057 - Phonics Practice for K5 (4th ed)
504928 - K5 Phonics and Review Cards (4th ed)
505032 - K5 Write Now! Handwriting (4th ed)
523811 - Visuals Homeschool Flipchart (4th ed)
523829 - Phonics Flipchart Homeschool (4th ed)

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