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Logic of English Game Book and Expansion Pack

Perfect for those who already use Logic of English® curriculum. The over 300 games and eight full-color, reusable game boards are a great addition to Foundations and Essentials for those looking for even more ways to make practice engaging, effective, and fun! This set equips parents and teachers to provide multi-sensory and engaging practice with phonemic awareness skills, phonograms, handwriting, reading fluency, spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Set includes:  

  • Game Book: includes over 300 games and activities - high-energy games, creative games, card games, board games, tactile games, and more
  • Expansion Pack:  includes eight full-color, reusable game boards for use with board games in the Logic of English Game Book like Silent E Ladders and Slides, Spelling Scramble, and Phonogram Bubble Race. The boards are designed for use with dry-erase markers, allowing you to practice different phonograms or words every time you play! 

Most games include directions for both group and one-on-one settings. Master templates can be copied from the appendix or downloaded from Logic of English website. The appendix also includes sample word lists and game ideas for specific situations, skills, and student groups.

Do I need any other materials?   Some games in the Logic of English Game Book do not require any materials.  Others need only paper, pencils, and/or master templates found in the back of the book. Some games require the use of simple household items.

However, many of the games also require one or more resources from Logic of English.  If you are already using Logic of English program, you should have these items already.  However, you can purchase these items individually or in Game Book Complete Set (LA154 - Manuscript or LA155 - Cursive).

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