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    Elementary World History - You Report! History - World :: Other History

    Elementary World History—You Report! guides your student through a fascinating overview of world history from Creation to modern times! In this uniquely designed, Charlotte Mason flavored world history course your student becomes a reporter for World Times. Their task is now to gather information, process it using critical-thinking skills, organize it, and present that information in creative oral or written reports!   Lessons are 30-45 minutes, 3x per week.

    Your student will:

    • Learn about a major ice storm that covered 1/3 of the world in ice
    • Discover God’s promises & their fulfillment throughout history
    • Travel to the seven must-see destinations of the ancient world
    • Meet the inventor of the first steam engine
    • Explore the impact of the Industrial Revolution
    • Learn from the successes and failures of brilliant minds, inventors, and composers
    • and so much more!

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