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6B Workbook Dimensions - Singapore Math

Please note: 6B is the second half of the year. See 6A for the first half.

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Each workbook is written as a supplement to the textbook to give students more practice to apply the concepts. Students may refer to the summary of important concepts in the textbook chapter for a quick review before attempting the questions in the workbook. These exercises help students polish their analytical skills and develop a stronger foundation in mathematics.

The questions in G6 workbook chapters are divided in three parts according to the level of difficulty and the thinking skills involved.

  • Basic Practice: Simple questions that drill comprehension of concepts
  • Further Practice: More difficult questions that involve direct application
  • Challenging Practice: Questions that require synthesis

These questions encourage students to think analytically, reason logically, use appropriate connections between mathematical ideas, and apply problem-solving skills in daily life situations.

The answer key at the back of the book provides answers (no solutions).

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Product CodeMR932
Length168 pages
PublisherSingapore Math
FormatSoftcover, Full Colour
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