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The Writer's Jungle


The Writer's Jungle is the centerpiece to the Brave Writer program and lifestyle.

The missing ingredient in writing curricula isn't how to structure a paragraph (information that can be readily found on the Internet). You don't need more facts about topic sentences or how to use libraries. Grammar and spelling are not the key components in writing, either, much to the chagrin of some English teachers.

Writing is first and foremost about writers—people with ideas, thoughts, and insights they want to share. Readers are cultivated by risky writing—writing that hooks, fascinates, speaks, surprises, enlivens, and tells the truth. How do you help your kids reach inside and find those kinds of words? That's what Brave Writer is all about and that's what The Writer's Jungle is designed to help you do.

In a nutshell

The Writer's Jungle is much more than daily lesson plans or writing ideas. It takes you inside the writer's world.

  1. The Writing Process
    Reading quality literature
    Growing in spelling, punctuation, literary devices, grammar
    Keenly observing detail
    Cultivating writing voice
    Taking writing risks
    Overcoming writer's block
    Learning to give meaningful feedback
    Revising content for clarity and power
    Editing for accuracy
    Sharing writing with interested readers

  2. Everything else
    How to evaluate writing assignments
    The top ten literary elements
    Word games
    Writing an elementary school report
    The natural stages of growth in writing
    A reading list for parents!
    Sample writing plans for each stage of development

The Writer's Jungle is both a guide to a parent's role in partnering with a child in writing, as well as a set of processes to be used by the child to learn how to write.

The Writer's Jungle comes in a sleek three-ring binder, which includes tab dividers for the 20 chapters, and wide margin space for your copious notes.

AuthorJulie Bogart
Product CodeWR293
Length218 pages
PublisherBrave Writer
FormatSpiralbound, Black and White
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