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    GED Prep History/Geography - SOS Elective USB High School Electives :: GED

    Prepare your homeschooler for the GED and high school graduation with the computer-based Switched-On Schoolhouse GED Preparatory History & Geography from Alpha Omega Publications! A great prep course, this four-unit elective for grades 9-12 is designed to improve your child's secondary reading and critical thinking skills with social studies materials. Using dynamic multimedia tools, the Alpha Omega curriculum lessons integrate video clips, learning games, and animation to encourage learning and promote retention. Focusing on potential exam questions, this GED elective covers topics like anthropology, sociology, American and world history, government, economics, and geography. In addition, the course includes exercises to interpret graphs, maps, and diagrams!

    This course is divided into 4 units:

    • GED Prep: Social Sciences Review
    • GED Prep: American History Review
    • GED Prep: Man in a Changing World Review
    • GED Prep: United States History Review

    More affordable than a traditional GED prep course, Switched-On Schoolhouse GED Preparatory History & Geography also has time-saving tools parents love like automatic grading and lesson planning! Easy to teach and explain, this high-tech elective also has a built-in calendar, a helpful message center, and customizable lessons to meet your child's learning pace. Helping to ensure that students graduate from homeschooling with flying colors, this SOS elective is a must-have for every high school student. Give your child the confidence and tools he needs to pass the GED! Order Switched-On Schoolhouse GED Preparatory History & Geography today!

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    PublisherAlpha Omega
    FormatUSB Drive
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