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Apples 2 - Daily Spelling Drills

Apples 2 Daily Spelling Drills for Secondary Students follows the same format as the original Apples. Apples 2 provides practice to aid memorization of words that do not follow a rule (especially long-vowel words). It also incorporates innovative, real-life exercises such as check writing (for the spelling of numbers) and addressing envelopes (for common abbreviations and punctuation in addresses).

A unique aspect of Apples 2 is that it takes into consideration that a poor speller needs repetition and reinforcement. While other spelling programs rush on to introduce new material, Apples 2 reinforces some of the lessons from Apples (about 1/3 of the book repeats difficult rules from the previous year - giving poor spellers the valuable reinforcement they need), while also introducing the student to a number of new phonics rules. In many spelling situations, a hard and fast rule doesn’t exist, and simple repetition and memorization is necessary. Apples 2 exposes the student to these situations through drill work in the form of puzzles, Bible verses, and fill-in-the-blank exercises.

Everything you need is included – even a convenient answer key and a helps section. These daily drills will help your student memorize the spellings of common words in a low-stress, non-threatening, manner. Apples 2 is easy to use (no more than 10 minutes a day), and comes complete with an answer key and a list of spelling exceptions and tips in the back of the book. There are no extensive lists or tests to further demoralize the poor speller - just application of spelling rules in an encouraging Scripture-sentence-or-puzzle.

AuthorSusan Kemmerer
Product CodeSR096
Length163 pages
PublisherSchoolhouse Publishing
FormatSoftcover, Black & White
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