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    The Stuff They Left Behind - Modern Times by Sonya Schafer Grade 11 :: History

    Let your student see history rather than just read about it!

    The stuff that the ancient civilizations left behind tells a deep story. Those ancient artifacts and architecture reveal much about what life was like throughout the great eras of history. Now you can bring those ancient storytellers into your home and introduce them to your students in a focused, yet gentle way.

    With The Stuff They Left Behind from the Days of Modern Times portfolios you can

    • Enhance any history curriculum.
    • View each artifact’s details in a focused, uncluttered setting.
    • Gently introduce common art and architecture forms.
    • Encourage personal observation and meaningful discussion.
    • Help your child make connections with the people and events of the past.

    This portfolio collection consists of sixteen large, full-color photographs of important artifacts and architecture. A handy booklet is included to provide Leading Thoughts with interesting background information and discussion questions. Everything comes in an attractive portfolio that will keep the era’s treasures organized and handy.

    Help your children understand more of the story of history through the fascinating stuff that people who lived in the days of Modern Times left behind!

    AuthorSonya Schafer
    Product CodeHR600
    PublisherSimply Charlotte Mason
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