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    THINKING SKILLS & KEY CONCEPTS - KINDERGARTEN by Sandra Parks and Howard Black Kindergarten :: Math

    Thinking Skills & Key Concepts is a new, standards-based series from the authors of our widely acclaimed Building Thinking Skills® series. It is a research-based instructional program that teaches beyond most state and Common Core standards by:

    • Improving young children’s observation and description skills
    • Developing academic vocabulary: Describe, compare and contrast, and classify colors, geometric shapes, family members, food, jobs, vehicles, buildings, and position
    • Developing thinking skills that underlie content learning (describing/defining, identifying similarities and differences, sequencing, and classifying)
    • Improving students’ understanding of key concepts in Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science
    • Having students complete structured exercises to write sentences and paragraphs
    • Carefully sequencing lessons to develop thinking skills
    • Employing language integration techniques to teach thinking skills and key concepts
    AuthorSandra Parks and Howard Black
    Product CodeMR792
    Length154 pages
    PublisherCritical Thinking Press
    FormatSoftcover, Full Colour
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