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Foundations in Romans

Foundations in Romans: A Romans Bible Study teaches your child how to do an inductive study of a Bible book.

Your child will read through the book of Romans chapter by chapter, identifying main ideas, defining key words, looking for comparison and contrast, narrating each paragraph, and more.

  • Biblical—Encourages your student to read the Bible and narrate what it says.
  • Historical—Ties Paul’s letter, written to the Roman believers, to the culture of Ancient Rome.
  • Inductive—Teaches your student to perform a Bible book study accurately.
  • Effective—Introduces the components of an inductive study in a gradual and conversational way.
  • Recommended—Incorporated into Matthew through Acts & Ancient Rome.
  • Versatile—Use in conjunction with a study of Ancient Rome or as a stand-alone Bible study.

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AuthorSonya Shafer
Product CodeHR545
Length190 pages
PublisherSimply Charlotte Mason
FormatSpiral Bound, Black & White
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