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Ancient World - Set 1 Classical Acts and Facts History Cards

Memorization of core facts provides critical memory work pieces, or "pegs", for later in-depth studies of science, art, and history.  The pegs in the Classical Acts and Facts series serve as lifelone references for students of these subjects.

These are high-quality, laminated, 5" x 8" cards, with rounded corners to reduce wear from frequent handling.   Each card front contains a memory peg image.  The back of each card also includes a world map, pinpointing the event location, and a general timeline, illustrating when the event occurred relative to known history.

Students begin by memorizing only the titles on the cards.  Parents build their child's knowledge by reading the text on the back of the cards or by reading additional stories about the events and people represented.

The Ancient World pack includes the Age of Ancient Empires.

The history cards are divided into 4 sets, totally over 161 historical events, representing major cultures on every continent.

Set 1 - Ancient World

Set 2 - Medieval World

Set 3 - New World

Set 4 - Modern World

Product CodeHR540
PublisherClassical Conversations
FormatLaminated Cards
GradeK4 - 6
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