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    A Child's Copybook Reader Volume 1 - Zaner Bloser by Sonya Shafer Grade 1 :: Handwriting

    Now you can use the same beautiful passages for both reading and printing practice! A Child’s Copybook Reader, Volume 1, reinforces your child’s beginning reading skills and instills confidence through using the same words for copywork. All in one convenient book!

    • Quality selections add interest to reading and copying sessions.—Both you and your child will enjoy All Things Bright and Beautiful (poem) and The Frogs and the Well (Aesop’s fable).
    • A gentle approach encourages continued practice reading and printing.—Each reading selection is broken into smaller segments, like stanzas or paragraphs, to help your student focus on any new words in short lessons.
    • Built-in review increases word retention and reading fluency.—All of the words are reviewed as your student copies each reading segment in his best handwriting. Plus, the entire reading selection is presented later in the book for your child to read all the way through with confidence and expression.
    • The clean, spacious design promotes good handwriting.—Each copywork page provides lots of room for beginning writers and a beautiful model to copy, so your student can see what is expected of him and put forth his best effort. And the book lies flat to accommodate either left- or right-handed writers.
    AuthorSonya Shafer
    Product CodePW147
    Length60 pages
    PublisherSimply Charlotte Mason
    FormatSoftcover, Black and White
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