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Learn Math Fast System - Volume VI (Third Edition)

Volume VI: Applications of Algebra teaches how to BUILD an equation in order to solve advanced story problems.  The student will have learned how to SOLVE algebraic equation in Volume 5 and this book will show how to use this knowledge to solve difficult problems similar to the ones found on the SATs. 

A 100 cubic centimeter solution of acid and water is 26% acid.  How many cubic centimeters of pure water should be added to create a solution that is 13% acid?

This volume has a color coded system to help the reader follow along as the equations change. Included are: 15 lessons, 15 worksheets, two chapter tests and one final test. Answer Key in the back of the book with full solutions. This book will take an older student about 3 months to complete.  If your student scores well (B+ or better) on the final test, then one credit for Algebra 2 is earned.

Scope and Sequence:

  • Students are taught how to build an equation to solve difficult story problems.
  • The Distance Formula is used to solve story problem that involve travel.
  • Congruent Triangle are used to solve story problems that are often found on the SAT.
  • Students will learn skills to determine if two triangles are similar or congruent.
  • The basics of solving for the probability of an event are taught.
  • Equations with Inequalities are solved.
  • Solution and Mixture Problems are explained.
  • System of Equations are used to solve word problems and other algebraic equations.
  • Graphing Linear and Quadratic Equations

With your book you will also receive a password to access a page on the Learn Math Fast website that contains printable pdf versions of every worksheet in the book.

Topics covered in volume 6 are typically taught in twelfth grade, but they don't mention grade level in the books. Public School teaches Geometry after Algebra 1.  This system teaches Algebra 2 after Algebra 1.

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Length232 pages
FormatSoftcover, Black and White
GradeAlgebra 2
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