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Saxon Geometry Dive Disc

DIVE Disc for Saxon Geometry (1st Ed.)

In these DIVE instructional videos, Dr. Shormann teaches every lesson step by step on a digital blackboard that looks and sounds like a real classroom.

Teaching three to five practice problems in each lesson, Dr. Shormann reviews previously learned concepts and connects each "bite-sized" concept to the next. This makes complex concepts easier to grasp while showing students the big picture.

During the lecture, students work interactively by taking notes and working the practice problems with him. They are encouraged to pause, rewind, and fast-forward until they fully understand the new concept, making it easy to learn at your own pace.

What is on the DIVE CD:

  • 120 Lesson Video Lectures
  • 12 Investigation Video Lectures
  • Weekly Assignment Chart
  • Q&A Email Service


  • A Computer: all MAC OS or WINDOWS XP, VISTA or 7
  • Speakers and/or headphones
  • Texas Instruments TI83 or TI84 Graphing Calculator
  • Saxon Geometry Home School Kit (1st ed.)

AuthorDr. Shormann
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