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Beginning Painting DVDs

Comes with three sections from beginner to intermediate.

**Beginning Watercolors**
This delightful course will lead the student into the very beginning steps of watercolor painting. We start with inspiring, basic lessons using a wet brush and water-soluble markers, and then continue on to more fundamental lessons using watercolors.

**Beginning Acrylics**
This course introduces the student to acrylic paints with 8 educational lessons including making a color chart, painting with tones, painting impressionistically & much more! Mr. Stebbing explains specifics such as how to hold a brush, mixing colors, keeping a palette and painting with control.

**Beginning Oil Painting**
Follow Mr. Stebbing as he takes you on a simple and educational journey in Beginning Oil Painting. Course will discuss materials needed, various techniques and pointers, and step-by-step instructions in doing 5 delightful oil paintings.  NOTE: oil painting recommended for ages 10 & up.

AuthorBarry Stebbing
Product CodeAR161
Ages6 and up
PublisherHow Great Thou Art
Format6 DVDs
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