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Where the Brook and River Meet

Where the Brook and River Meet will take you and your high school daughter on a memorable journey through the Victorian Era and the world of Anne of Green Gables while learning many valuable lessons. One of my nearest and dearest home schooling friends used this with her daughter for Gr. 12. They had a wonderful time with it and found it encouraged and further developed a love and appreciation for fine literature as well as the valuable role of a woman in society from a Biblical perspective. They highly recommend it.

Margie Gray, the author says this, "Before beginning Where the Brook and River Meet, I asked myself 'What do I want to teach my children?' The answers came as I started writing 'I want to prepare my daughters for singleness or married life; to teach them how to be godly wives and mothers; to help them learn marketable skills; and, above all, I want to nurture them in the knowledge of the Lord. That is what Marilla wanted for Anne and what she set about doing in Anne of Green Gables.'"

This interdisciplinary curriculum is primarily for high school students though it can be used for junior high but with more parent participation. It is a full academic year program. It covers a number of subject areas: literature, history, writing, grammar, fine arts, social studies, Bible, religion, occupational education, and health. Students will be exposed to many aspects of these subjects including: the opera and visual arts of the period; literature from many eras; poetry appreciation; a woman's role in society; information on the nature, prevention, and care of diseases; the attitude of service to the sick and injured as well as the less fortunate. In keeping with the spirit of the Victorian age, a one-year course in Latin is suggested. Separate mathematic and laboratory science programs should be added to round out the curriculum.

Where the Brook and River Meet has recently been revised and updated and now contains over 500 pages. Two other resources are required for this study. These are Anne's Anthology and The Annotated Anne of Green Gables.

AuthorMargie Gray
Product CodeLS158
PublisherCadron Creek
FormatSoftcover, Black and White
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