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WriteShop 1 Student Workbook

WriteShop I Has a New Look!

  • WriteShop I’s new format features a soft cover and looseleaf pages.
  • The text has not changed. You will find the same 4th-edition content.
  • It is compatible with the 4th-edition Teacher’s Manual.
  • Use your own binder. Pages are already 3-hole punched for convenience.

WriteShop I offers incremental lessons, challenging assignments, and creative activities for teens.

Students improve descriptive, informative, and narrative writing skills by becoming proficient in four vital techniques: brainstorming, drafting, editing, and revising. Not only do students learn to narrow their topics and choose vivid, descriptive wording, they learn to add interest to their writing by varying their sentence structure. Each lesson’s Skill Builder introduces new writing tools, which students have the opportunity to apply during future lessons. This “Learn-Practice-Do” approach helps ensure mastery.

WriteShop I Student Workbook includes

  • 16 lessons (most students complete the book in one year, two weeks per lesson)
  • Step-by-step instructions for each lesson, written to the student
  • Creative and varied writing assignments and supplemental activities
  • Skill Builders that teach and reinforce new concepts
  • Lesson-specific student and teacher checklists (one per lesson)
  • Composition evaluation rubrics (one per lesson)
  • 17 exhaustive word banks

WriteShop I is not a stand-alone book. The Teacher’s Manual provides parents and teachers with the tools they need to teach both WriteShop I and WriteShop II. This critical resource contains many instructional activities needed for introducing or explaining key concepts. These materials are NOT always present in the student book. The Teacher's Manual is available for purchase as part of the Basic Set.

Photocopying Policy

Each child will need his or her own student workbook. You may purchase one WriteShop I workbook per student, or you may duplicate certain pages according to these policies:

  • Permission is granted to reproduce worksheet pages and rubrics for single-family use only.
  • You do not have permission to reproduce read-only pages (pages not intended to be written on).

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AuthorKim Kautzer & Debra Older
Product CodeWR047
Length298 pages
FormatSoftcover, Black and White
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