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Challenging Word Problems 5 - Common Core Ed

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Challenging Word Problems is a great source of challenging material for advanced math students. It may also be used for students of mixed abilities with more guidance.

Although originally written to complement Primary Mathematics, it can go with any math curriculum as long as students have the necessary computation skills. The material allows students to practice explaining their reasoning and demonstrate problem-solving strategies, including using manipulatives. Select problems for a daily challenge or for discussion, or allow competent students to attempt the problems independently.

Solutions are provided at the back, however, a specific strategy is not required, and alternate methods are quite possible to arrive at the answer. 

Each book in the series features the following:

  • Worked Examples for each topic show common methods of solution used in the Primary Mathematics textbook
  • Practice Questions allow students to apply and practice questions similar to the ones discussed in the Worked Examples and in Primary Mathematics textbooks
  • Challenging Problems provide opportunities for more capable students to solve harder word problems and further develop their problem-solving skills
  • Miscellaneous Questions allow students to review and test their understanding of the concepts discussed in each topic and in Primary Mathematics textbooks
  • Answers allow teachers or students to check their answers to all practice exercises and challenging problems
  • Selected solutions provide commonly used methods of solution to non-routine questions, while encouraging creative or intuitive solutions as well

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Length209 pages
PublisherSingapore Math
FormatSoftcover, Black and White
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