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    2A Workbook Std Ed- Singapore Math Grade 2 :: Math

    Please note: 2A is for the first half of the year.  See 2B for the second half.

    Primary Mathematics Standards Edition workbooks are consumable and should be used in conjunction with the Primary Mathematics Standards Edition textbooks. They contain the exercises the student does independently.

    Features of the workbooks:

    • Each chapter in the Textbook has corresponding exercises in the Workbook which serve as an extension of the learning in the Textbook.
    • Math at Home activities (for Grades 1 and 2) in tear-out sheets provide opportunities for meaningful family involvement in the students' learning process.
    • Review exercises at the end of each unit facilitate evaluation and consolidation of concepts covered in the preceding units.

    Primary Mathematics Standards Edition textbooks and workbooks DO NOT contain answer keys. Answers are in the home instructor's guide (available for levels 1-5) and the teacher's guide (available for all levels).

    Components of the Primary Mathematics Standards Edition series:

    • Textbook Parts A and B
    • Workbook Parts A and B
    • Teacher's Guide Parts A and B
    • Home Instructor's Guide Parts A and B (available for levels 1-5)
    • Extra Practice
    • Tests Parts A and B

    New to Singapore? Take a Singapore Placement Test.

    2A Placement Test

    Sample Pages

    Scope and Sequence K-6 STD Edition

    Product CodeMR519
    Length192 pages
    PublisherSingapore Math
    FormatSoftcover, Black and White
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