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Saxon Geometry Homeschool Kit

The Saxon Geometry course is intended to be used after the Algebra 1 (4th ed) course, and before the Algebra 2 (4th ed) course.

Saxon would still recommend using the Algebra 1 (third edition) and Algebra 2 (3rd edition) and the Advanced Math 2nd Edition as the preferred path for homeschool students. However, if using the 4th edition series the proper sequence of course would be: Saxon Algebra 1 (4th ed.), then Saxon Geometry, then Saxon Algebra 2 (4th ed.)

This Geometry has been designed to provide students with a fully dedicated geometry course and compliments the Algebra 1(4th ed) and Algebra 2 (4th ed) with significantly reduced geometry content.

Saxon Geometry covers triangle congruence, postulated and theorems, surface area and volume, two-column proofs, vector addition, slopes and equations of lines.

This Saxon Geometry Homeschool Kit includes

  • Hardcover Student Textbook with 120 lessons
  • Softcover Test Booklet with answer key
  • Softcover Solutions Manual.

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FormatHardcover, Black and White
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