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Level 3 Student Packet - All About Spelling

One Student Packet is included with each purchase of All About Spelling Level Three Kit. Additional Student Packets can be purchased individually. Each packet includes:

  • Four sets of flashcards (printed on sturdy cardstock, ready to be cut apart) that help your student learn and review phonograms, words, and spelling rules.
    • Phonogram Cards for learning to read the phonograms
    • Sound Cards for learning to write the phonograms
    • Key Cards for learning the spelling rules
    • Word Cards for mastering the spelling word
  • A Silent E Book that enables the student to easily recognize, categorize, and internalize the jobs of Silent E.
  • A Homophones List that helps the student learn to use the correct homophone in his own writing.
  • A set of Suffix Tiles that are a different size and color than the letter tiles, so your student can easily recognize and choose the correct suffix when building new words.
  • A set of six laminated Syllable Tags that provide a visual and tactile way for your student to identify and label different syllable types.
  • A Syllable Division Rules Chart that helps your student recognize, internalize, and apply the rules for dividing words.
  • Three Word Banks that reinforce certain spelling concepts and improve your student’s visual memory of words with a particular sound.
  • A Jail for Rule Breakers that offers an interactive and memorable way to learn how to spell words that don’t follow the rules.
  • Additional materials such as the 1-1-1 Rule Chart, the ED Word Sheet, and Heading Labels for organizing the letter tiles.
  • A progress chart and completion certificate that allow you to track and celebrate your student’s success
  • Private Paw Print Sticker Sheet

Level 3 Scope & Sequence

AuthorMarie Rippel
Product CodeSR115
PublisherAll About Learning Press
FormatCard Stock Unbound
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