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    Writeshop Primary Book B Set by Nancy I. Sanders Writing :: WriteShop

    WriteShop Primary Book B introduces the steps of the writing process through engaging activities, crafts, and picture books and creates an environment that promotes a joy of learning. The program accommodates pre-writers as well as beginning and developing writers.

    Recommended Grade Levels

    • Ideal for students in first and second grade.
    • May also be used with reluctant third and fourth graders.

    If your child is reluctant or not able to write on his own, you’re encouraged to let him dictate his stories to you. As his skills develop, he will learn to help more and more with the actual writing. For a more advanced child, extra challenges appear throughout each lesson to promote stronger writing habits.

    By the end of Book B, your child will have learned to plan, create, and publish simple stories with parent help. He or she will:

    • Use graphic organizers to plan a story.
    • Include a beginning, a middle, and an end.
    • Identify the main character in a story.
    • Learn to add story details.
    • Organize a story to include a problem and its solution.
    • Write a friendly letter.
    • Write a personal narrative.
    • Retell nursery rhymes and fairy tales in their own words.
    • “Publish” stories through projects or crafts.

    Other skills introduced in Book B include:

    • Concept of paragraph form and indentation.
    • Standard spelling and using spelling tools
    • Identifying the parts of a friendly letter.
    • Identifying words that rhyme.
    • Using a different voice to tell a story.
    • Using a dictionary to help improve writing and spelling.
    • Choosing story endings.

    WriteShop Primaryintroduces young children to the steps of the writing process using engaging activities, crafts, and picture books. It creates an environment that promotes a joy of learning in your youngest students and helps them experience success as they develop the ability to write. Whether you have a more advanced child or one who is just beginning, this program is flexible so children can work at their own level.



    AuthorNancy I. Sanders
    Product CodeWR090
    FormatSpiralbound, Black & White
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