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Level 3 Kit - All About Spelling

This Kit includes:

Level Three in the All About Spelling series continues to bring together the three pathways to learning—auditory (hearing), visual (seeing), and kinesthetic (touching). This multisensory approach, combined with a built-in review system and reinforcement activities, ensures that students retain what they learn and understand how to apply it in practical situations.

Level 3 Scope & Sequence

In a practical, hands-on way, your student will learn:

    • Two additional ways to spell the sound of long a
    • Five reasons for adding a silent e to the end of a word
    • The C+le syllable type
    • How to add consonant and vowel suffixes
    • More ways to spell the sound of long o
    • The three sounds of past tense suffix –ed
    • When to double consonants before adding suffixes
    • When to drop the silent e before adding a suffix
    • More ways to spell long e
    • Additional ways to spell the sound of /er/
    • More ways to spell long i
    • Contractions
    • Homophones
    • And more!

The multisensory learning tools and activities included in the program help your student master important spelling concepts.

By the end of Level Three, your student will be able to write sentences such as:

   My dog tried to eat my pennies!
    Babies make me feel joyful.
    Please put this in the house.
    She didn’t clean her room.
    Light the fire while I fry the fish.
    Her team has thirteen members.

The 28 steps of Level Three progress in a logical, sequential order. Through direct instruction, students learn exactly what they need to know in order to spell well.

AuthorMarie Rippel
Product CodeSR109
PublisherAll About Learning Press
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