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Horizons Penmanship Gr. 1 Workbook

Don't write off the importance of teaching good handwriting skills in your homeschool. Even in today's high-tech world, your child will benefit from being able to fill out forms, write thank-you notes, and sign his name in proper penmanship. With the Horizons 1st Grade Penmanship Student Book, your homeschooler will learn the fundamentals of manuscript writing with engaging, daily writing lessons that include line and circle practice, half circles, letters and simple words. Friendly, colorful cartoon characters within the Horizons curriculum make manuscript writing fun! Plus, as your child's handwriting abilities progress, he'll learn to write weekly Scripture verses on beautifully-designed worksheet pages suitable to use in decorating his room or giving as a gift to someone special.

But there's more! Correct posture, hand and pencil positions, letter formation, and left-handed and right-handed writing techniques are also emphasized to make teaching penmanship during your homeschooling a breeze. Prepare your child for a lifetime of handwriting success.

Product CodePW077
Length200 pages
PublisherAlpha Omega
FormatSoftcover, Full Colour
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