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    Growing With Grammar - Level 1 Set Grammar :: Growing With Grammar

    Each level contains approximately 108 lessons.

    Assumes the grammar course is being taught three times per week during a 36-week school year.

    The Level 1 Set includes

    In first grade, students learn about the four types of sentences, subjects, predicates, nouns, pronouns, verbs (including present and past tenses and irregular verbs), articles, and adjectives as well as other topics such as synonyms, homonyms, and alphabetical order. The print is large and easy to read, and there is plenty of space for students to write their answers.

    Most first graders will not yet read well enough to read the instructions or exercises independently, so a parent will need to work closely with a child through the lessons until they read well enough to operate independently.

    See the Table of Contents for complete details.

    See Sample Lessons for sample of Student Workbook.

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