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All About Learning Magnets Only

Letter tiles play an important role in the All About Spelling and All About Reading lessons. Attach these magnets to the back of the color-coded letter tiles (sold separately) to enhance letter tile storage and use.


The ½” magnets have been specially designed for the All About Learning letter tiles and come on a “kiss cut” magnetic sheet.  That means they are die cut almost all of the way through the sheet, making it easy to separate them. Simply peel the backing off to expose the adhesive and attach to the back of the letter tile.

Magnetic Letter Tiles Help to Save Time and Stay Organized

  • With the magnets, you no longer have to alphabetize the letter tiles at the beginning of each lesson
  • The magnets make it easy to store the letter tiles. Simply leave the magnetic letter tiles on a magnet board or magnetic dry-erase board and they’ll be organized and ready for your next lesson.

  • The magnets are just the right strength, too—strong enough to hold tight to the magnet board, but not so strong that you have to pick them up to move them. They slide easily around the board so you can demonstrate the lesson concepts smoothly.

  • Each set contains enough magnets to add to the back of the letter tiles, the letter tile labels, the syllable tags, and the suffix tiles (new in Level Three).

AuthorMarie Rippel
Product CodeSR120
PublisherAll About Learning Press
GradeGr. 1 up
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