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Saxon Algebra 1 (3Ed) Solutions Manual

This manual contains solutions to every problem in the Saxon Algebra 1 textbook.

The solutions are designed to be representative of students' work, but keep in mind that many problems will have more than one correct solution. Attempts have been made to stay as close as possible to the methods and procedures oulined in the textbook.

Early solutions of problems of a particular type contain every step. Later solutions omit simpler steps. The final answes are set in boldface for ease of grading.

Below each problem number is a least one number in parentheses, called a Lesson Reference Number. Each number refers to a lesson in which the concept for a particular problem type is taught. Some Lesson Reference Numbers are denotd as (R). This means "review problem". Students should know the concepts involved in solving such problems before taking Advanced Mathematics.

Solutions to test problems are not included in the Solutions Manual. They can be found in the Answer Key that is part of the Algebra 1 Home School Kit.

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