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Saxon Algebra 2 (3Ed) Home School Kit

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Saxon Algebra 2 (3rd Ed) covers all the topics of a second-year algebra course plus a large amount of geometry. Students who complete this Algebra 2 (3rd ed) course will have 1 Algebra 2 credit plus 1/2 Geometry credit (equivalent of one full semester of geometry). The other 1/2 geometry is covered in Advanced Math.

The lessons in this math course develop geometric concepts and writing of proof outlines. Real-world problems and exampls are included as well as applications to physics and chemistry.

This Saxon Math Homeschool Kit includes the Hardcover Student Text, the Softcover Tests Booklet, and the Softcover Answer Key. Note: These pieces are sold as a kit. Only the tests can be purchased separately.

The Student Text is a hardcover textbook that contains 129 lessons, glossary and index. In the back of the text are the answers (not solutions) to only the odd-numbered problems in the text.

The Tests Booklet is a softcover booklet containing 32 test forms. A testing schedule is included in the front. At the back of the book are reproducible, optional student answer forms that provide sufficient writing space to show all work (solutions) along with the answer. Test solutions are in the Answer Key.

The softcover Answer Key is a book that includes the answers in bold type with solutions for all the test problems. It also includes answers only (not solutions) to the Problem Sets in the textbook. Full solutions to all the textbook problems are found in the Solutions Manual, sold separately.

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AuthorJohn Saxon
Product CodeMR022
Length577 pages
FormatHardcover Text, Softcover Tests and Answer Key
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