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    6th Grade Skills - Tan Student Book 2nd Ed by Diane Welch Literature Study :: Learning Language Arts Through Literature

    In the Tan Studen Activity Book, you get additional creative exercises that expand the student's knowledge and skills. These activities can be done idependently. Everything is in one book: student instruction, a place for writing, and a tool for easy record keeping. It also provides enrichment activities such as word puzzles, analogies, logic/reasoning activities and more found ONLY in the Student Book. (Answers are found in the Teacher Book.)

    See the Tan Book Complete Package for a list of novels required for - but not included in - this book.

    ** NOT COMPATIBLE WITH NEWER EDITION.  Only to be used with 2nd Ed Teacher Book. **

    ** Hard Copy available while quantities last. **

    The ebook version is not an immediate download and will be sent in a separate email as soon as possible.

    AuthorDiane Welch
    Product CodeLS241EBK
    Length348 pages
    PublisherCommon Sense Press
    FormatSoftcover, Black & White
    • Available as :

    Order : LS241EBK


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