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Mastering Math Complete Program

Mastering Mathematics is an excellent math program that has stood the test of time. Written by Letz Farmer, a highly qualified curriculum consultant and home schooling mother too, it is a very effective math program as well as one of the best values. It continues to be a mainstay in our home schooling program. In fact, it is this material that inspired us to start a business selling curriculums. Mastering Mathematics is a unique program which focuses on mastery of skill. Students learn one basic skill at a time - at their own pace - up to their potential - until it is mastered. We have found our children have a high level of retention of what has been covered. There is lots of review build in as well. Mastering Mathematics is flexible. Presentation can be adjusted for the child's age and attention span, workbook order can be changed, and it can be used with any learning style. Manipulatives and games, made of durable cardstock, are a key part of the program. Games and activities reinforce the skills and fact memorization they are working on in each level and reduces seat work. Memorization is presented in manageable small groups. Fact memorization is fun using games and manipulatives for drill practice. Motivation and success are built in. The workbooks help your child practice the skill on paper. Work pages face a blank left page so children can focus on problems they need to solve today. Word problems come from the Bible, everyday practical usages, and the Guinness World Book of Records. Student pages have large print and most pages have no more than 20 problems - enough to master the skill without busywork. Workbooks are reproducible for your immediate family, or may be purchased in an economical six workbook set, or individually. You can pretest for accurate advanced placement into the program and only work on areas needing improvement. Optional work sheets throughout the workbooks give extra practice, if needed. All materials are correlated with the California Achievement Test (C.A.T.) so no necessary skills are omitted. Preparation time is minimal. With the easy-to-read directions in the workbooks students reading at 2nd-3rd grade reading level can work independently making it a self-directed program. With the Parents Manual, which is full of lots of creative ideas for using the program, you'll have a very practical, yet flexible, math program for Grades 1-6 (some kindergarten counting skills and most of 7th and 8th grade skills are also included - Mastering Math only briefly exposes students to negative integers, which prevents it from being considered a "full 8 grade curriculum."). Workbook answers and scheduling techniques for working through the program are also included in the Parents Manual. This is a great program that has been repeatedly successful with all learning styles. All in all, we think this is a great program, we think you'll really appreciate it too. The Entire Program consists of placement tests and free Math Skill Inventory; 30 learning game boards; 16 self-checking fact wheels; flash cards; manipulatives (Counting strips for all 4 basic skills; Equivalents games for time, money, measurement, metric, geometry; Go to the Bank for place value; Fraction Flips; and Fraction Picture Proofs); review games; Certificates of Achievement; erasable page protector; an easy-to-read Parents Manual containing additional curriculum activity suggestions, work sheets, games, answer keys; and one copy of each of the perfect bound workbooks.

AuthorLetz Farmer
Product CodeMR005
PublisherMastery Publications
FormatSoft Cover, Perfect Bound TM, Card Stock Manipulatives, Spiral B
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