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Boys of Grit Who Became Men of Honour

History records a pantheon of heroes who have achieved great things. The Boys of Grit series gives us a glimpse at the trials and circumstances that worked to shape these men while they were still young and unknown. These great men began as ordinary boys with no more opportunity than any other boy to achieve greatness. The difference is the passion and drive that they applied to the things that captured their imagination. In this volume there are fourteen true accounts of great men including Booker T. Washington, Andrew Carnegie, and John Muir. Children and adults will be inspired when they read about boys who overcame great misfortunes, trials, and overwhelming circumstances to become great and godly men. When so many others saw only difficulties, they saw possibilities.

AuthorArcher Wallace
Product CodeLB510
Ages12 & Up
PublisherLamplighter Publishing
FormatHardcover Collector's Edition
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