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Finding God's Promises Teacher Manual 4Ed

Students will learn how God guided the people of Israel with promises—from the beginnings of their nation through their journey into Canaan.

The Teacher's Manual is an essential teaching and assessment material for the student manual. This sturdy three-ring binder includes . . .

  • 35 Lessons - one for each week in an average school year
  • Weekly Schedule - outlines for three-, four-, and five-day-a-week Bible classes
  • Target Truths - simple devotional takeaways
  • Content Objectives - biblical material covered in each lesson
  • Learning Objectives - desired student outcomes for each lesson
  • Character Trait Activities - tools to encourage development and growth
  • Read-Aloud Stories - fictional narratives applying biblical lessons to today
  • Weekly Quizzes - assessments for most lessons; answer key included
  • Scripture Memory - optional plan for verse memorization
  • Music Curriculum - optional monthly schedule to introduce new hymns
  • Student Manual Pages - facsimiles of the Student Manual pages with answers filled in

Fourth Edition Improvements (2022):

  • Three-session structure to organize each weekly lesson
  • Content and learning objectives to supplement lesson planning
  • Clear connections between discussion topics and student exercises
  • Suggestions for introducing new vocabulary within the lesson
  • Scripture memory verses that reinforce unit topics
  • New character trait activities to demonstrate biblical principles

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