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Finding God's Promises Student Manual 4Ed

Students will learn how God guided the people of Israel with promises—from the beginnings of their nation through their journey into Canaan.  This colorful workbook includes:

  • Student Exercises - questions that challenge students to explore God's Word
  • Vocabulary Blocks - key biblical terms and definitions for each lesson
  • Engaging Design - colorful, pencil-friendly pages with original artwork and maps

Fourth Edition Improvements (2022) include a greater variety and depth of exercises as well as additional graphics and map activities.

Lesson Overview:

  • Lessons 1–3: An introduction to the themes and structure of Scripture
  • Lessons 4–11: God’s first promises to humanity and the Israelites
  • Lessons 12–16: God’s guidance and support for Moses
  • Lessons 17–23: God’s power during the Exodus
  • Lessons 24–29: God’s laws for life and worship
  • Lessons 30–35: God’s provision of a home for Israel

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FormatSoftcover, Full Colour
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