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Brush Drawing: A Basic Course, 2nd Edition

Brush drawing is a watercolor technique that is especially suited to illustrating nature objects. In Brush Drawing: A Basic Course, Richele Baburina will be your guide in these step-by-step lessons that take you from the most basic brush exercises all the way to painting from nature. This self-paced study walks you through the process that Charlotte Mason taught her students, beginning in first grade.

Both visual and written directions for each lesson are clearly laid out on 32 sturdy cards. In this 2nd edition, companion videos are included to demonstrate the lessons. Suitable for all ages, this course is perfect for self-paced study or can be used in a classroom or co-op setting.

These Brush Drawing lessons:

  • Foster fine-motor skills and better control of  both painting and writing.
  • Cultivate an artist’s eye through thoughtful observation.
  • Teach you how to capture the gesture and form found in nature.
  • Encourage you to appreciate and express beauty in your nature notebook.

A 1″ grid paper is recommended for this course, such as the corresponding Quadrille Pad, which is designed to accept watercolor and keep work neat and orderly.

Also available is the Brush Drawing Complete Set, which has everything you need to get started.


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