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Crime Scene Science Kit

This is the perfect kit for forensics for kids! Forensics (or forensic science) refers to the scientific tests (chemistry) and procedures used by detectives and law enforcement to solve a crime. Using the materials inside, students will become crime scene investigators as they use real lab experiments and fingerprinting to solve the case and discover who stole the diamonds. First, meet four suspects and read their police statements. Do any of the suspects have a clear motive? What about an alibi? Next, students examine the crime scene documentation and physical evidence found at the crime scene. They can read scientific explanations for each activity and follow the instruction manual/case file with helpful charts. 

This complete one-box evidence collection kit has everything kids need for authentic crime scene investigation tests, including a step-by-step experiment manual and case file. This kit includes:

  • Glass slides and superglue for fingerprint fuming;
  • a beaker, isopropyl alcohol, and filter paper for chromatography ink tests;
  • a watch glass and fabric samples for fiber analysis;
  • synthetic blood samples for simulated blood test;
  • a magnifier; 
  • a complete activity/case manual;
  • and more!

Working through the manual and seven crime science projects takes 1-2 hours. There are enough materials to perform each test more than once. This crime scene kit works for 1-4 students working in a group and is an excellent tool to teach forensics for kids. 

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