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Exploring Creation with Mathematics Level 3 Set

This is a hands-on and rich introduction to elementary math that utilizes a mastery approach to mathematics with lots of review. Level 3 is for third grade and covers addition and subtraction up to 1000, multiplication, division, fractions, time, weight, data and graphs, and perimeter and area. 

Each unit begins with a "Seeing Our Creator" section that connects God to the concepts the student will be learning. Math is part of creation, and it mirrors aspects of God’s character; His beauty, faithfulness, and love can all be seen when studying math.

Suggested Daily Schedule: four days a week for 28 weeks, average 30 to 45 minutes. (However, this time may vary if your child is taking a hands-on project a little further or is needing a little extra time to complete a skills practice.)

On a typical day, your student will spend about 5 to 10 minutes reviewing concepts previously learned, participate in a fun hands-on activity that introduces a new concept, and then apply the new concept by working through practice worksheets. 

This program uses some common household items, such as dry beans for counting. Other math manipulatives that are needed you may have to purchase, such as a base ten block set. A complete list is included.

Set Includes: 
  • All-in-One Student Text and Workbook (spiral-bound) - Consumable, each child needs their own copy
  • Teaching Guide & Answer Key - contains solutions to all questions, suggested daily schedule, teacher’s notes, suggestions for the lessons, and reusable pages you need to complete the course.

AuthorKathryn Gomes
Product CodeMR1190
FormatSoftcover, Full Colour
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