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Totally Squishy from Head-to-Toe

Get up-close and personal with the gooey world of anatomy! Learn firsthand what each body part is responsible for as you add or remove it from your squishy body model. The activity cards and 24-page instructional book are full of background facts and trivia about each organ, as well as ideas for experiments you can use to to test the amazing way our bodies work.  This combination shows you how the brain and body work together to keep you walking, talking, thinking feeling breathing, eating, laughing, and learning.

Included are 8 squishy brain parts, 4 skull pieces, 2 glowing eyeballs, spinal cord and vertebrae, display case, 12" human body model and stand, squishy organs, 12 bones and muscles, forceps, tweezers, scalpel, and an organ-izer poster.

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FormatPlastic Model
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