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Essentials in Writing 9 Online & Books


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  • one workbook, which we ship to you.
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Essentials in Writing is a comprehensive program that covers writing and grammar as it directly applies to good writing.  Lessons are taught by Matthew Stephens, the author, and are short and to the point.  Students then apply the lessons through the work in their workbook. 

It is recommended students start this program after they have a good understanding of spelling phonetically. All About Spelling is highly recommended.

Level Nine will teach:

  • Sentence Structure - dependent and independent clause; simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences; address sentence errors (fragment, run on, and comma splice)
  • Formal Paragraph - structure; expository, persuasive, compare/contrast, and descriptive
  • The Writing Process - in depth study of each part of the writing process; practice the writing process with each multi-paragraph composition
  • Essays (formal and informal) - detailed instruction and step by step process for, personal, expository, persuasive, and compare/contrast essays
  • Research Paper (project) - detailed instruction and step by step process to conduct a research project and write a research paper (Expository)

For those who like to be able to do offline learning, Essentials in Writing is offering DVDs that can be purchased separately. They include all online videos. This is an add-on for the EIW Level 9 online course.

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