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Narration Notecards - Ancient Egypt & Her Neighbours

These handy, customized cards are easy to use.

  1. Read aloud a chapter from Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors or assign it as independent reading.
  2. Grab the narration notecard for that chapter and select a narration idea from the list or let your student choose one. You will find a Beginner, an Intermediate, and an Advanced prompt on each card.
  3. Give your student the notecard to look at while narrating orally or in writing. The word bank of people, places, dates, and vocabulary will help with spelling and details.

The printed notecards are printed on both sides and cut to 3″ x 5″. One side features the narration prompts and the other side gives the key people, places, dates, and vocabulary words. You also receive the full-color title card, cut a bit taller so you can use it as a divider between your Narration Notecard sets.

Levels:  Beginner prompts are designed for beginner narrators of all ages. Beginners in grades 1–3 should tell their narrations, not write them. Older beginners should start by telling and can gradually move to writing as they become comfortable.      Intermediate prompts are designed for students in grades 4–12 who have had some experience narrating. Narrations should be a variety of written as well as oral. Students at this level can be assigned either the Beginner or Intermediate prompts as desired throughout the year.   Advanced prompts are designed for fluent narrators in approximately grades 7–12 who are ready for more. Most will be written.

More Narration Notecards Ideas:

  • Choose a few of the key words from the notecard to highlight before you read. Write those words in a visible location and instruct your student to listen/read attentively for them. Define the chosen words if necessary.
  • Use a map to look up any of the places listed.
  • Use the dates to prompt Book of Centuries entries.
  • Add other words that your student would like to see spelled.
  • For an extra challenge, and only every once in a while, you might see if your older student can include every word on the card in his narration.
  • Reuse the notecards whenever you revisit those books as your children grow. You can store your Narration Notecards in an index card box and use the handy title cards as dividers between the sets.

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