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    A Matter of Conscience by Mary Hosmar Library Builders :: Canadiana

    Fifteen-year-old Jamie MacPherson is confused. Everyone seems to want change but can't agree as to how that change should come about. William Lyon Mackenzie is calling the people of Upper Canada to arm themselves and break free of British rule, and Jamie's friends and neighbours are all for joining Mackenzie and his army.

    His father is dead set against violence of any sort and has tried to pass that along to his son.

    Will Jamie follow his father's wishes and stay home or will he go along with popular opinion and join the rebels?

    Join Jamie as he struggles with the political issues surrounding the Upper Canada Rebellion of 1837.

    Note: This novel comes with a study guide on CD-ROM.

    AuthorMary Hosmar
    Product CodeLB1767
    Ages12 up
    Length146 pages
    FormatSoftcover, Black and White
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